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Welcome to your on line Ortho-Grad Survival Program.


Ortho-Grad Survival Program


This program was created by Dr. Dean C. Bellavia for orthodontic graduate students to make them aware of what they should know before starting their practice.

It is not the intention of this program to tell you how to do these things; that is another educational series.

The program includes:

  1. A 40-minute video about starting a practice and the 22 secrets of management.
  2. A Video Workbook to follow the video and create your practice management.
  3. Helpful PDFs to get you started.
  4. The ability to ask questions and get answers on subjects that concern you.
  5. Other material added as requested.


The program's will make you aware of What You Should Know about:

  1. Entering into an Association, Partnership or Solo Practice.
  2. Efficent, realistic Practice Organization.
  3. Hiring the best possible team.
  4. Quick and effective Team Training.
  5. Creating the Ultimate New Patient Experience (TC Program)
  6. Progressive Scheduling Design.
  7. Goal Setting & Attaining, Reporting and Marketing.