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Team Organization & Hiring KIT OH-K-WIN

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Operating System

The most successful Team Organization & Hiring Systems possible.





Your A~D~D~I~C~T kit Includes:

The Organization & Hiring Video WORKBOOK (to customize the system to fit your practice philosophy)

Team Hiring & Organization Manual (for all of the procedures and details on hiring and team organization)


Staff Evaluation Manual/Forms (to make sure the person you hired really works out)

All the Files you will need to Print out extra forms, procedures, etc. (customized to your practice needs)


Straightforward Guides to Analyze, Decide, Design, Implement, Critique, and Tweak all of the programs in this system


A~D~D~I~C~T your Financial Systems (to control your income and expenses)


1 Activation Code/Key Combo for one computer


FREE SHIPPING (within the US)



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