Dr. Dean C. Bellavia




Finessing Your HEALTH


Your Health Is What You Eat


In order to finesse your personality and get the most out of life you need to control your stress.  It isn't that difficult when you know what it is; see DeStressing Yourself.


Dr. Bellavia's 10-month study on Cholesterol Control by Diet will provide you with insight hitherto unknown.  Just because you have high cholesterol, it doesn't mean that you have to take drugs.  You can make a substantial drop in your total cholesterol by diet; Dr. Bellavia dropped 120 points.  The article also provides a table that Dr. Bellavia developed to guide you to the kind of foods that will reduce your cholesterol naturally.


Dr. Bellavia's 6-month study on Blood Pressure Control by Diet If you have had a significant rise in blood pressure over the past few years you may have "secondary hypertension".  Much of it is caused by low dietary potassium and can be corrected by diet; Dr. Bellavia dropped 45 points systolic and 15 points diastolic blood pressure.  Also refer to this Management Pearl "Reducing Your Heart's Effort" 


Jump-Starting Your Immune System...have you felt tired for months or years or are you just not as energetic as you use to be.  No matter what your age, a depressed immune system is not healthy; Dr. Bellavia recommends something you might consider.



If you have lost your balance due to an acoustic neuroma, you can Regain Your Balance and reduce or eliminate the headaches that accompany it.  The attached is Dr. Bellavia's set of exercises that work for him every time he needs to reset his balance.  It also helps to reduce those "senior moments".

For Other Healthy Advice go to "Management Pearls"..."Living a Healthy Life" pearls.

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