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Also refer to "Dr. Bellavia's Management Pearls"



Managing Growth Articles


"Orthodontics, the Ideal Life", is an ideal day in the life of a well organized, happy, and productive orthodontist that has worked with Dr. Bellavia.


"How Do You RATE?", Test yourself to see if your practice is attaining minimal success standards.



Practice Management Articles


"Goal-Oriented Practice Management", Dr. Bellavia discusses the three aspects of setting and attaining your goals.


"Teamwork, Relationships and Personality", Dr. Bellavia shows how your team member's personalities affect their jobs positively and negatively.



Miscellaneous Articles


"Current Trends in Efficient Orthodontics", Dr. Bellavia identifies the pros, cons and efficiencies of current trends in orthodontics.


"Managing Without Managed Care", Dr. Bellavia cautions you about managing this source of patients should you dip into this market.


"Plotting Your Personality Results".  When you receive your "Interactive Personality Evaluation" results, you can plot them to see how far off the scale you are.


"Minimal Standards for Orthodontic Consulting", Dr. Bellavia discusses what you should expect from consultants to get what you pay for.