Dr. Dean C. Bellavia



Dr. Bellavia's Productive Scheduling


Your True "Doctor-Tx-Time Scheduling”


Dr. Bellavia   invented Dr-Tx-Time Scheduling over three decades ago and has perfected it for your practice.  This means that you will not be in two places at the same time nor waste yours or your staff's time waiting to be needed.  He will provide you with the optimum use of the doctor's time through productive treatment mechanotherapy to produce the most treatment (starts) in the fewest days possible, giving you more personal time and income.

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Optimum Staff Organization


Dr. Bellavia   will optimize your Team Organization, with all staff equally sharing the tasks and being fully utilized: a staff member must be neither underutilized nor over utilized to be productive and happy with their work.  He can help you to attain optimum use of offices in multi-office practices to reduce waste and optimum use of doctors in multi-doctor practices to reduce wasted doctor time with fixed or flexible work day schedules.      And, he can help you to realize your Practice Potential from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

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