Dr. Dean C. Bellavia




Dr. Bellavia's "Customized"  Consulting


Two Year Orthodontic Optimization Program


Dr. Bellavia's customized optimization program is well organized and accomplishes what it sets out to do...to get you optimized!

The program will assure a smooth, productive "Doctor-Time Schedule"…by not being in two places at the same time and by not wasting your or your staff's time.

The program will assure a "Dream Team Organization" with fully utilized staff that share tasks equally, utilizing what they were naturally inclined to do well in.

The program will assure a TC Program to increase starts, maximize communications, and provide fee and financial arrangement control.

Results that will make you PROUD of what you have attained.


The optimization program includes up to two years of FREE MONTHLY SUPER SUPPORT, the most complete monthly support program in orthodontics (an $8,000 value FREE with the program).


The optimization program also includes FREE MANAGEMENT KITS (a $1,400 value FREE with the program).

Contact Dr. Bellavia for details (716-834-5857)


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